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What is our current COVID protocol?
As of April 15th 2022, masks are optional for both client + stylist.  Please feel free to request a masked appointment with your stylist if preferred (seriously, it's no problem at all!)

*If you are experiencing/displaying any symptoms of any illness in any way at all,

OR have been exposed to/tested positive for COVID within 10 days of your appointment,

please notify your stylist prior to your appointment to reschedule*

How do I contact someone about an appointment or service?

Every stylist at Marquee works independently, meaning we each manage our own clientele + appointments.  Any questions, comments or other communication can be made directly to your stylist of choice, and all contact info is listed on our website.

Who do I contact about renting a station at Marquee?

All rental inquiries can be sent to

Why is the salon closed if Google says you're open?

All stylists at Marquee require a booked appointment for all services and we are collectively not accepting walk-ins at this time.  Google does not allow an option for fluctuating business hours and will only reflect our typical hours of operation. For an accurate reflection of what appointment times are available, please contact your stylist of choice.

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